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Essential Fats for Optimal Health

There are two primary types of essential fats: Omega-6 and Omega-3
fatty acids.
Our body is unable to make them and the only way to get them is from
our diet or via supplementation.

Essential fats or essential fatty acids are necessary nutrients for the
body to produce key hormones called eicasinoids.
They have been referred to as the body’s super hormones and are
made by every cell in our body.

There are several different eicasinoids that have the opposite effect
on the body’s functions and either increase or decrease inflammation.
Both of these functions are critical for optimal health.

In general, the Omega-3 fatty acids become eicasinoids that decrease
inflammation in our bodies (natural anti-inflammatories) and Omega-6
fatty acids become eicasinoids that cause inflammation.

When you are injured you need an inflammatory reaction in order to
heal this injury, but once the wound is healed, this inflammatory process
has to stop. That’s why eicasinoids have the ability to either intensify
or diminish inflammation in our body.
They can also increase or decrease the clotting tendency of the blood.
It is critical that these two potentials are well balanced.

Consequently,the balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 we take in,
becomes critical for our optimal health and has to be in the right ratio,
preferably 1 : 1 or 1 : 2 at least.

In our modern society, this ratio is out of balance and we have too much
Omega-6 in our body, which causes to much inflammation.
There is plenty of Omega-6 in our diet, it is present in chicken,dairy
products, processed carbohydrates, peanut oil and safflower oil.

This is the underlying cause of numerous diseases, like heart disease,
asthma, arthritis, major depression, autoimmune disease, inflammatory
bowel disease etc.

Heart Disease
Dr Terry Jacobson reviewed over a dozen large clinical trials that
looked at the health benefits of supplementing Omega-3 fatty acids in
over 20,000 participants who had coronary artery disease.
These clinical trials showed that the group who consumed the Omega-3
fatty acids in the form of fish oil capsules , had nearly a 20% decreased
incidence of cardiovascular events.

Adding Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet not only lower inflammation,
but also lower one’s total and LDL or bad cholesterol.
This health benefit shows even more in those people that are not
consuming much in the way of cold-water fish or other sources of
Omega-3 fatty acids.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
There are thirteen clinical trials that show benefits of Omega-3
supplementation for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
There was improvement in all their symptoms, like early morning
stiffness, pain, and in the number of tender joints.
One important result was a measurable decrease in the inflammatory
products being produced by the body and a stabilization in the course
of their disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis)
Many clinical studies have measured the body’s increased production
of inflammatory products.
When fish oil supplements where given to  these patients,not only where
these products reduced but the patients experienced significant
clinical improvements.

The most exciting thing they found was the fact that many patients were
be able to reduce their dependence on steroid medication
Also their bowel pattern showed significant improvement
when these patients received repeat biopsies.

Asthma is mainly an inflammatory disease of the lungs.
This inflammation sets off the bronchospasm which is characteristic
for this disease. These patients have a significant increase in
inflammatory products, which are found in the lungs.
After supplementation with Omega-3 fatty acids, many responded
positive and the results were definitely encouraging.

Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Psychological stress has proved to be the cause of a significant
increase in these inflammatory products, triggered by an unbalance
of Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids.

The medical community believes this to be the main reason for the
development of depression.
Studies are already showing prolonged remission with the reduction
of relapse in patients with bipolar disorder in those who supplement
with Omega-3 fatty acids.

It is a proven fact that the general population has too much inflammation
in their body as a result of too much consumption of Omega-6 fatty acids,
which is the root cause of many chronic degenerative diseases.

Because most people have a problem with increasing the Omega-3
to take in, everyone should start with supplementing their diet with
high-quality , filtered, pharmaceutical-grade fish oil capsules.
As an alternative , taking in flaxseed or cold-pressed flaxseed oil will
also do the job.

This additional Omega-3 intake will offer the building blocks  of
our natural anti-inflammatory products.
As we bring inflammation back into normal balance,significant
health improvements and decrease in risk of heart attacks and
sudden death can be the result.

Cellular Nutrition

Cellular nutrition has become more important in our modern society than ever  before. Our bodies have to face daily an over-production of free radicals,
caused by our polluted environment, stressful lifestyles and malnutrition.

However,we can reduce the production of free radicals by avoiding smoking,
toxic chemicals and decreasing our stress levels.
But the majority of our bodies are still unable to fight the overwhelming
daily attack on our natural defense system.

Balance is the key.If there are not enough antioxidants available to
neutralize the free radicals, oxidative stress develops.

Over the past 50 years,nutritional medicine has been concentrating on
supplying a nutritional deficiency.Many hours and dollars have been spent
trying to determine exactly which nutrients our bodies are depleted of.

Blood and urine tests, hair samples, muscle testing and more have been
conducted in an attempt to determine which nutrients we need to supplement.
However,we have been aiming at the wrong target. The problem is not
a nutritional deficiency,but rather underlying oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress has shown to be the root cause of over 70 degenerative
diseases,like heart disease,stroke,cancer,diabetes,arthritis,Alzheimer’s
disease,dementia,lupus,MS… and the list goes on!

Because the problem is oxidative stress,rather than specific nutritional
deficiencies,the best approach to prevent or to control oxidative stress
is to strengthen our natural defense system through cellular nutrition.

Cellular nutrition means: supplying the cells with all nutrients at
optimal levels,without having to worry about determining which nutrients
the cell is deficient in.

By providing all the important nutrients at optimal levels,which has
been shown to provide a health benefit in the medical literature,
we correct automatically any nutritional deficiencies over the next
few months.

Cellular nutrition is providing the body with all the antioxidants,
along with the supporting B vitamins & minerals at optimal levels.
This is “preventive medicine” at it’s best, because we can attack
the disease process at the core by preventing oxidative stress.

Overweight is Illness

According to the Framingham Heart Study, America’s best, shows that weight gain after adulthood causes a huge risk increase of all types of cardiovascular disease.
Even a 10% increase above ideal weight causes a 6-7% increase in blood pressure.
Losing that extra weight causes an immediate drop in blood pressure of 10-11%.
Women, carrying 50-60 lbs of extra weight are 700% more likely to develop hypertension.
Both men and women carrying 60 lbs extra or more have a 3000% more change of developing diabetes.
The result of a 20 year study by the American Cancer Society, involving over 1 million Americans 25 different states showed that men who are 40% overweight, have higher rates of prostate cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer. Women who are 40% overweight, have higher rates of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, gall bladder cancer, cervial cancer and endometrial cancer. Corpulent is sick indeed!
Overweight is a significant cause of almost all diseases.
Even moderate fatness damages the immune system and reduce your resistance to everything.
Overweight people going into surgery increase their risk of post-operation infections by up to 700%. Studies show that fat babies get twice as many infections as slim babies.
Moderately overweight folk show typical defensive reactions to the evidence that fat is sick. They suck in their stomachs and laughing proclaim:”This is just happy fat.”
Or they slam their plump thigh and exclaim:”God made me this way,healthy and comfortable.”
The latest study at the Harvest School of Public Health shows that even the mildly chunky die young.
Dr. I-min Lee tracked 19.297 healthy Harvard men who graduated between

1916 and 1950. Smokers were excluded as unacceptable health risk.
By 1988, 4370 of the men had died, mostly chunky. The less the men weighted, the lower their death risk. Men who were 20% below the average had the best change for a long and healthy life.
Body fat is by far America’s worst health risk, with 32.6 million Americans classified as overweight and about 40 million on the way. It causes more illness than all the environmental and nutrition problems, than smoking, alcohol and all other drugs put together. It’s infinitely worse than over-publicized AIDS.
Yet to the ignorant, overweight is little more than a good butt for humor.
it is sort of comical, that Americans waddle enough fat around to feed the whole of starving Africa and would gladly pay the shipping, but the disease it causes is no joke.

??NUTROBALANCE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????    19th edition

Why do we age? As an evolutionary strategy, living beings needed to grow as fast as possible—thanks to the engine-of-growth enzyme TOR (Target of Rapamycin)—to start reproduction before they die from external causes. In midlife, however, TOR can be thought of the engine-of-aging, causing sustained cellular growth and proliferation.
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Overweight is Illness
Cellular Nutrition
Essential Fats for Optimal Health


My USANA Testimonial

USANA Video Pages
In September 2013, after I came back from a world trip,
I became terribly ill.
I was in intensive care for a week and I felt so bad that
I thought I was going to die.
Apparently, I picked up a virus along the way and it showed that my salt level was too low.
But amazingly, I recovered in less than ten days.
I didn’t expect that to happen and it even surprised my doctor.
I believe the USANA nutritionals have made my immune system
so strong, which caused my quick recovery from the virus.
Last a member of my church asked me how old I was.
I said: have a guess.
He thought I was about 56 years young. That made me feel very good, because that was 20 years younger than I really am,
all thanks to USANA and my healthy life style,
that make the difference in my life.

How Natural are Vitamins?

Many companies today falsely label their supplements “natural” for one raison:
because the word sells. But don’t get confused. The ingredients in vitamin pills
are about as natural as a plastic bag. Manufacturers play around this issue with statements like:”natural grown”, “natural source”, “food grown” etc. but to tell you
the truth, most pill ingredients are synthetic.
That means, they use natural materials and treat them with various chemical procedures, so that their resemblance to natural materials is gone.

For example, most vitamin C is made from corn.First the corn is chemically converted to
sugar (d-ribose). Then the sugar is chemically converted to pure,ascorbic acid.
There is not a molecule of corn left in it. The chemical processing makes it synthetic,
not the raw materials it came from.

Let’s look at “natural rose hip’ and “acerola” vitamin C. The best rose hip and acerola
powders contain only a few milligrams of vitamin C per gram.A 1000mg pil of natural
rose hip vitamin C would be about the seize of a baseball.
All these so-called “natural” pills are predominantly synthetic asorbic acid, with a pinch
of the natural powder thrown in for marketing.

Then there are those companies who claim that their pills are made of superior vitamins.
Let’s get this one straight too. Almost all  the vitamin raw materials in America come
from from a few large companies. offman La Rohe makes most of the vitamin C and many of the B-vitamins. Henkel makes most of the vitamin E. Almost all pill manufacturers buy
their bulk powders from the same sources that are available to everyone.

Elemental Minerals.
Most consumers don’t know that chemical forms of minerals are not elemental forms.
For example, a 1200 mg pill calcium gluconate is only 9% elemental.That means, it contans
only 108 mg of calcium. To get the RDA for calcium, you would have to swallow eleven of
these pills every day.

The same is true for every mineral.Calcium citrate is only 21% calcium and chromium
picolinate contains only 12.5% chromium. Magnesium aspartate is only 11% magnesium.
Some forms contain only 1-2% of the mineral element.Manufacurers are supposed to state the elemental amounts on the label, but many do not.

Chemical Forms.
Supplement pills only have to be true to label by law. That means, if the bottle says
the pill contains 300 mg of magnesium, that is all that is required. But many chemical
forms of nutrients are hardly bioavailable at all. They pass right through your
intestines without ever being absorbed.

Magnesium supplied as magnesium oxide for example, is only one-tenth as bioavailable
as magnesium aspartate. But the aspartate form is more expensive than the oxide and
takes up more room in the pill.Manufacturers save money by using the magnesium oxide.
They can also fit more magnesium into a given size pill by using the oxide, and therefore can put a bigger number for magnesium on the label. Consumers like big numbers.

Some manufacturers fudge bioavailability by claiming particular absorption rates, such
as 60%, for their multi-nutrient supplements. All such claims are false, because different
nutrients and different forms of the same nutrient are all absorbed at diffrent rates.
An average absorbtion rate is advertising nonsense.

For example, of a 100 mcg vitamin B12 tablet, only about 3% is absorbed, whereas
calcium acetate is 32% absorbed. To say the average absorption rate is 17.5% for the
two combined, tell you nothing about either.

This will give you an idea what you can expect when you look to buy supplements.
Many supplement contents are not true to the label,but there are only a few companies
on the market you can trust. One of them is USANA Health Sciences, founded by
Dr. Myron Wentz. Click here to get more information.

Health & Nutrition 18 by Nutrobalance

??NUTROBALANCE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   18th Edition

The History of Nature
In the 20th century, uninformed medical bureaucrats, who controlled health care,ignored Nature. They considered our dependence on the natural world as out-dated and human science as all powerful.The result is strikingly before our eyes.
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How to Avoid Chemicals at Home

We are constantly warned by commercials that our homes are full
of dangerous germs and they must be killed, resulting in the
addition of antiseptics in cleaning products.
But they can be more harmful than most of the germs they kill.

Cleaning products with the most fumes are generally the most
harmful, such as multi-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and
oven cleaners.

Use the proven safer cleaners, like pure soap or soap flakes
for washing dishes and clothes, or use environmentally-friendly
cleansers like Planet Ark, Nutrimetics, GNLD, Herbon or Tri Nature.

For cleaning windows, tubs and tiles, try vinegar and water.
For refrigerators, freezers, stainless steel, enamel, chrome and
laminex, use bicarb soda.

These chemical products are used to dissolve other substances.
Many solvents can cause health problems, like brain damage,
birth defects, miscarriage, asthma and cancer.
Long term exposure can cause progressive loss of memory and
affect learning ability and decision making.
Some people with multiple chemical sensitivity and/or chronic
fatigue syndrome are affected badly by solvents.

A study at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide found a connection
between solvents and miscarriage. In fact the study found that
miscarriage is four times more likely  if the woman has been
involved in home renovation or has visited factories with high
chemical pollution and 2 to 3 times more likely if the male partner
has been exposed to strong glues, oven cleaners or oil-based paints.

Solvents are present in many household products, including
cleaning products,pesticides, liquid paper, marker pens,glues and paints.

Out gassing of volatile organic compounds.
Paints,plastics and particle boards in our homes can give off traces
of toxic gasses for months and even years.
This out gassing is worse in winter when heating is on and windows
are shut.

VOC’s out gas from large surface areas, painted walls, ceilings
and stained floors. Also from glued carpets, vinyls, shelves, furniture,
particle boards and plastics.

Make sure that the house is always well ventilated and use paints and
varnishes that don’t out gas.
For floors use timber, tile and linoleum that out gas very little.
Buy solid timber furniture.

Avoid sources of formaldehyde gas, a potent irritant that affects
the respiratory system and can cause asthma.
It evaporates from the glue in particle board, plywood, synthetic
carpets, upholstery and sometimes wallpaper and some paints.

Non fluid combustion heating.
When a gas, kerosene or wood heater doesn’t have a chimney,
it’s called non fluid. It results in pollution that is often far worse than
outdoors pollution.
The toxic fumes from these heaters can cause symptoms similar
to  throat infections and worsen sinus problems and asthma.

Reduce heating needs by dressing warmly and sleep with warm
bedding ( electric blanket) .
Use electrical or fluid combustion heating and leave off when
not required. Even better, design your house for solar heating.
Insulate the home with wool, cellulose or polyester.
If non fluid combustion heaters must be used, make sure of
adequate ventilation.

Dry-cleaning clothing.
Dry-cleaning uses powerful solvents, like perchlorethylene, an
organochlorine, which in extreme cases can damage the liver,
kidneys and central nervous system.

After bringing home clothes from the dry cleaner, leave them outside,
preferable in the sun for at least 24 hours.
Avoid synthetic clothing and wear natural fibers like wool, cotton,
linen, silk and mohair.

Fiberglass insulation.
Fiberglass can cause lung cancer in humans. Fibers with diameters
of less than 3 microns can reach the tiny air sacs in the lungs and
remain there indefinitely, with the risk of a form of cancer similar to
that caused by asbestos.

Every few years check the condition of the fiberglass.
Seek professional advice if the fiberglass crumbles to ‘powder’.

Lead exposure.
Lead is a heavy metal that can cause brain damage,specially in
children and during pregnancy.
The more common low-level poisoning can cause learning
difficulties, hyperactivity and less immunity to infections.

To avoid lead exposure, live well away from motor vehicle pollution,
if possible.Take off shoes if there is flaking old paint to avoid bringing
lead dust into the house. A hard floor is better than carpet.

Use a safe chemical stripper that emits less toxic fumes.
Have blood tests, especially for children, if you live near main roads
and if your home has flaking old paint.

Industrial chemicals.
Factories that manufacture or use toxic chemicals have the greatest
risk of exposure. What is known about the toxic effect has been
discovered by studying their effects on workers in such factories.
Avoid working in any industry that uses toxic chemicals.

Ensure adequate ventilation when toxic chemicals are present –
even for photocopiers and laser printers in offices.

We can make a difference by our everyday lifestyle choices,
because what we buy invents the future.
If we care about our personal health and the kind of planet we are
handing over to our children and grandchildren, it is worth to
contemplate about the things we purchase to create the type of world
we like to live in.
For example, if more people bought organic grown food,it would
become cheaper and the need for pesticides could be reduced.

It would be good to join a group of people, for example a multi level
marketing company or a lobby group which has the vision for
a healthier and happier future.
I would like to recommend USANA Health Sciences, click here
to get connected.

Sleep disorders

There is nothing more beneficial than a good nights sleep and there is a great physiological need for it if the individual likes to feel refreshed and
alert during the following day.
Sleep is also important for your memory and learning capacity and possibly for maintaining a good immune system. But there are still many unanswered questions regarding the function of sleep.

This is possibly best explained with the fact that people suffering from insomnia also suffer from reduced concentration, reduced menory and decreased ability to accomplish daily tasks.
They are also at greater risk for work related accidents and road accidents, many sick days, increased use of healthcare services and a lower perceived quality of life.

Insomnia is usually perceived as related to not getting enough sleep,which means that the person either has trouble falling or staying asleep.However, poor quality of sleep, whereby the sufferer wakes up feeling unrefreshed, even after sufficient hours spent sleeping, is a common complaint, especially
by  elderly people.

Melatonin is a naturally occuring hormone in the brain, manufactured by the pineal gland and secreted at night. It is quickly degraded, but by being continuously secreted all through the night, it acts like a sleep regulator and ‘signal of darkness’ in humans. However the natural production  of melatonin tends to decrease with age. specially in elderly suffering from insomnia, the production of melatonin is decreased compared to elderly with no sleep problems.

Research has proven that melatonin, when taken in small doses of 0.1 milligram, can decrease the effects of jetlag, like sleeping difficulties and tiredness. The pil has to be taken just before bed time on the place of destination and after arrival a few days, again just before going to bed.

Because melatonin is a natural product, it can be sold at the chemist in small concentrations of 0.1 milligram, which has hardly any affect. You can’t get adicted to melatonin and most people feel better during daytime.

Circadin, a sustained-release melatonin, is a new treatment paradigm in the management of primary insomnia in patients aged 55 years or over. A novel sleep drug, the first in a new class, Circadin provides natural sleep for patients with insomnia, offering an effective and save treatment for their
sleep difficulties because it improves sleep quality, with a far superior safety and tolerability profile.

However, according to the authorities, circadin doesn’t work  equally effective for everybody.
Circadin contains 2 milligram of melatonin. Sleep occurs quicker with improved quality of life and better fuctionality during daytime.

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