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Vitamins against Rheumatism

People who are suffering from rheumatism need the following vitamins:
Vitamin C – This vitamin strengthens the connective tissue which hold the
cells together. Connective tissue forms the sinews, ligaments, and cartilage
of the body. When vitamin C is lacking, the connective tissue loses its tone
and loses its defense against harmful bacteria and viruses.
Strong connective tissue protect the cells against infection.

Vitamin C also strengthens the blood vessel walls and it is the capillaries
that are affected most by a vitamin C deficiency.
When this happens, the capillaries break down and blood leaks from them
into the tissues. Theses tiny haemorrhages occur also in the joints, and
causes rheumatic pain. (When capillaries break near the surface of the skin,
the escaping blood discolors the skin and results in a bruise.
The capillaries exist in such an abundance in the human body, that if the
capillaries of one man were stretched out in a single line, they would reach
two and a half times around the earth!

With every type of disease the capillaries will be harmed and conversely,
by strengthening them, every diseased state will be helped.
The capillaries supply food, oxygen, and hormones to every cell in the body.
They also remove waste products from metabolism and disease.
When the capillaries are strong, the risk of infection is greatly reduced and
infections are quickly thrown off.
Vitamin C is also essential for healthy bone formation.