Facts about Cholesterol

One out of two men and one out of two women in Europe have an elevated
level of cholesterol, triglyceride, lipo-proteins, LDL and other risk factors
in the blood. Worldwide it concerns millions of people.

These blood factors are for the risk of cardiovascular diseases in general
of minor importance, because the main risk is the instability of the artery wall.
That’s why these risk factors who are circulating in the blood are also called
together under the idea: secondary risk factors.

Elevated levels of cholesterol and other risk factors in the blood are not,
as was previously believed, the cause of cardiovascular diseases, but in the
least the result of the emotion, which is developing.

The traditional medical science concentrate in particular on the fight against
the symptoms of secondary risk factors.
Medicines, which block the production of cholesterol and also other means
are prescribed these days to millions of people.

As the cause of an elevated cholesterol content, the traditional medical science
knows two important factors.
Firstly: genetic disturbances in the metabolism (genetic risks) and secondly:
a wrong nutrition pattern.( nutrition dependent risk).
This insight in the causes is incomplete and is urgently in need of a supplement.

Cellular medicine offers a complete new insight into the secondary risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and also a total new preventive method. Cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, lipo-protein and other metabolic products are ideal remedies for a damaged artery wall.
The metabolic center of the body:the liver, get a signal to produce more repair molecules. From the liver comes cholesterol and other repair molecules in the bloodstream and so reach the damaged spots in the artery wall, for example the coronary artery. We know that repair of the artery wall also continues in case of a chronic vitamin deficiency and other elements of the cell. As a consequence, an atherosclerotic deposit starts.

The cellular medicine not only gives us a new insight in the part of atherosclerotic deposits of the artery wall in case of vitamin deficiency, but also as part of the secondary risk factors.Cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL and lipoprotein are important repair molecules for a weak artery wall caused by vitamin deficiency. They can only develop into a risk factor of a cardiovascular affection if the artery walls are weakened by chronic vitamin deficiency. That’s why the classification of secondary risk factors is very striking.

Cellular medicine enlarge our insight in the factors which are determent for your personal risk of a cardiovascular affection. An optimal compiled vitamin program include a selection of vitamins and other essential nutrients who on the one site oppose the increase of secondary risk factors and on the other site are helping to lower an elevated cholesterol content.
The ingredients of such a vitamin program are helping with the repair of the artery walls. As a result, the liver gets a signal to reduce the production of repair molecules, and consequently, the cholesterol content and other secondary risk factors are decreasing.