The Man who lived in Three Centuries

I recently read a book with the title “THE MAN WHO LIVED IN THREE CENTURIES”.
The title of this book contains both a promise and it also needs an explanation.
The title suggest that it is possible to live to the ripe old age of a hundred years and beyond.
It also explains how to make this a reality.

Roger French, the author of this book, tells about a man, called Eric Storm, who was having a heart attack at age 34. After years of lavish living he was physically in a very bad shape, tremendously overweight at 110 kg, he was drinking heavily, smoking and eating everything. So his body was in a terrible state.

After his heart attack his doctor told him, if he continued to live life as he did, he would not live long enough to tell the tale.

He took this very seriously and completely changed his life style, stopped smoking & drinking.
He was invited by a friend who’s mother served him a balanced meal that contained the right amount of protein, carbohydrates , fat and vegetables.
He learned to eat the right way and by following this way of life he became 103 years old.

If you follow his example as described in the book, you also can live till ripe old age.
You will have no aches and pains, being free from arthritis and rheumatism.
You will enjoy your hobbies till ripe old age and enjoy your holidays so much more.
You may like to play tennis, go swimming or play golf.
In other words, you will enjoy whatever you do, every hour of your day.