High Blood Pressure

Millions of people around the world suffer from high blood pressure.
It is the most common cardiovascular disease.

The dimension of this illness is mainly due to the fact that the cause
of high blood pressure was hardly understood.
Traditional medicine must admit that the cause of high blood pressure
is unknown in 90% of cases. The often medical diagnoses state:
“essential hypertension”, or in other words: “cause unknown”, as a result
that conventional medicine in most cases restrict to “fighting against
the symptoms”. With various medicines they try to lower the blood pressure,
but the underlying cause remains untouched.

Modern cellular nutrition means a breakthrough for our knowledge about
the cause, and the prevention with therapy to match for high blood pressure.
The main cause is an acute vitamin deficiency and lack of other essential
nutritional matter in millions of cells in the artery  walls.

This lead to tension and thickening of the artery wall and can finally
increase blood pressure. A lower tension leads to enlarged arteries,
which result in a lower blood pressure.

In healthy people the normal tension on the artery walls can be obtained
by an optimal production of release factors in the cells of the artery walls.

People with high blood pressure are lacking in these release factors.
Vitamin supplementation and other vital nutritional matter will therefore
help to avoid high blood pressure or bring back an existent high blood
pressure to a normal level.

The natural amino acid orginine, vitamin C and other nutritional matter
are of vital importance, as they help to restore the shortage of these
release factors in the artery walls.

Scientific and clinical research have proved that magnesium helps to lower
the blood pressure.

It is recommended for patients with high blood pressure to start as soon as
possible with vitamins and other nutritional supplements and to inform
their G.P. about this.

Use these natural cell factors in any case besides the prescribed medicines.
Of cause you may only reduce or alter the intake of medicines after
consulting your doctor.

It is better to avoid than to cure. A combination of vitamins, which support
in a natural way the permanent correction of a health problem like high
blood pressure, will also for you be the best choice in this case when it
comes to prevent this serious health problem.