Health & Nutrition

You probably heard it before: we are what we eat. But I like a more accurate definition: We are what we can get out of our food. Because it is the bio-availability of the nutrients we take in and more importantly: the cell’s ability to absorb those nutrients,that are the determinant factors defining a person’s health and well being. The nutrients have to be in a form that the cells can except them and the cells have to be in optimum condition to be able to absorb the nutrients, are the keys to successful nutrition. These are two often overlooked facts. That’s why most supplements miss the mark. They don’t address the cellular condition of the body. Worse, many are in a form that is unacceptable for the cells themselves. They don’t contain biological available substances that are useful to the cells in the body. They contain inorganic versions of those nutrients, which the body can’t use. There is however, one remarkable exception on this depressive trend and that are the nutritional supplements,designed and manufactured by USANA Health Sciences.

To help you understand,I like to take you back to the basics. Have you ever thought about where our body is made of? The human body is built up of 100 trillion cells, each cell with his own DNA, which contains a blue print of the entire body. Today, life begins at conception. When the sperm of the male and the egg of the female join together and a cell is formed. The single cell contains DNA,the blue print of what the entire body will be like. Including the sex of the individual, right down to the color of the eyes. It’s amazing when you realize what happens after the sperm and egg unite. The original cell divides into two cells,each with there own DNA. The two cells become four, the four eight, the eight 16, the 16 become 32 and on and on these cells continue to multiply with an unbelievable speed for the next eleven months. After 11 months, two months after birth, the body has his full complement of cells.

Why are cells significant? Because they are the simplest living biological unit in our body.
They convert the nutrients we ingest into the energy we need and determine the health of the body. To slow down aging, limit sickness and prevent disease we must protect and properly feed our cells. There are 210 different types of cells. Red blood cells, white blood cells, braincells, heart cells etc. The body’s organs and tissues are composed of cells. Everything from our eyes to our hair is made up of an collection of cells. One billion cells have to be replaced every hour, that is 24 billion every day. Our skin is replaced every 27 days. Every two months, every heart cell is replaced.

So, the question is: Will our new body be stronger or weaker than the old one. This depends entirely upon the building materials we provide; that is: the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath in. The human body is a truly remarkable creature.

Our body’s health is dependent on the health of our cells. The health of the cells
depends on the fluid in which they exist, also known as the biological terrain.
The biological terrain, the internal environment of the body that surround every cell, is regulated by homeostatic processes,which are dependent on the supply of a wide variety of substances, such as nutrients and the removal of waste.

Our cells can only benefit from the nutrients we take in, if they can get rid of
what they don’t need. The process of absorption, digestion and transportation are crucial to the biological terrain of the cell. If the biological terrain is wrong,toxins build up and the cells are unable to absorb the nutrients. Toxification depends on the amount of water we drink, the’PH’ of the body and the body fluid,specially the environment that surrounds the cells.

Good nutrition is fundamental for good health. The human body is a complex system that requires a full spectrum of nutrients for optimal health.
We require the right amount of macro-nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the right ratios. We also need the right amount of 59 different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants daily.

Optimum, broad spectrum nutrition is very important on the short term, but is
particular important on the long term, if we come to understand the fundamental roll that nutrition plays in maintaining optimum health.
It has been said that we are overfed and under-nourished.

In the USA,over 25% of young people are in a state of degenerative disease and don’t even know it. 95% of the population of 65 and over are suffering from any of the degenerative diseases,like stroke,cancer,diabetes,osteoporosis,Arthritis.

Most nutritional manufacturers don’t understand what nutritional science is
all about. Good nutrition is not only the study of food, but of all the processes
of maintenance & repair of the living body, dependent on the digestion of that food. It’s about the interaction of our food with our body and the interaction of the body with our food.
Many nutritional supplements on the market today don’t contain bio-nutritional
substances useful to the cells & the body.

By applying an excellent foundation of broad-spectrum and bio-available nutrients,one can be assured that the optimum levels are being met.

Without a doubt, USANA offers the highest quality nutritionals available to-day.
By taking the advanced products, such as healthpak-100, optimizers,OptOmega (mineral fatty acids),which helps to provide the cells with essential needs.