Five Steps to Avoid Colds

The first step to keep free from colds is to cut down severely on fast working carbohydrates, such as packeted cereals, white bread, white flour products, pies, cakes and confectionary, also sweets, soft drinks and similar denatured and clogging foods
and drinks.

The second step is to strengthen and make healthy the mucous membrane, of which the inner surfaces of the mouth, nose, sinuses, bronchia, lungs, etc., are lined.When these membranes lack vitamin A, they fail to function efficiently and are subject to infection.
Vitamin A rejuvenates and replenishes cells of the mucous membrane which have been destroyed or injured by virus or bacterial activity. These mucous membranes when in health, secrete a substance called lysozyme, which is a powerful defence against infectious organisms, due to its antiseptic action.

The third step is to saturate the tissues with vitamin C at the very first indication of
a cold and to keep them saturated until the cold is defeated. Vitamin C helps to build strong phagocytes and strengthens the conneective tissues.If you suffer from hay fever (usually the result of an allergy due to some foreign protein, or dust, pollen, dandruff, etc.), use the same vitamin therapy as for a cold, as the allergens mentioned are surrounded and disposed of in a simular manner to viruses and bacteria.

Vitamin C must be used in massive doses for colds, etc., as the body’s requirements and
losses of this vitamin during a cold are heavy.

The fourth step is to build up the nervous system with vitamin B complex, which also have
a most beneficial effect upon the skin, eyes and hair.Vitamin B complex remedy constipation, flatulence, pour appetite and digestive troubles.

The fifth step is to ensure that your diet includes adequate protein foods and plenty of
salad vegetables and fresh fruits,as these foods are vitalizing and nourishing.

When a cold feels imminent, don’t delay. Take six vvitamin C tablets at once and every two
hours thereafter take two or three of these tablets, until all traces of the cold are gone.

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