Our Great Health Delusion

Australians enjoy high level of health and longevity….at least that is what we have been
led too believe.
Yet when we look at the almost fairytale level of health and extraordinary lifespan
of primitive people,nagging doubts begin to arise that we may not be doing so well
after all.
To find out, we only have to look at the facts and figures for the disease status of our

If this sounds like a forecast of doom and gloom, please don’t be put off! After all, the
statistics are no worse than the reality around us – they merely put the spotlight on
what is already there.

The great value of getting the picture straight – that is, putting Australia’s health in true
perspective is the motivation that comes from discovering our true potential for physical
and mental well being.
Setting ourselves the goal to get closer to this potential can bring rewards that are out of
all proportions to the effort required.

Firstly, let’s look at how the mix of diseases in Australia has changed since the beginning of
this century.
Some years ago, a Sydney pharmacist turned naturopath. Michael McInerney took out some statistics-which where reported in “Natural Health”, April 1987, page 8.
They showed that in 1905 there were 25 people per thousand of thee population dying of
infectious diseases, like influenza, pneumonia, cholera, etc. with only one per thousand
dying from degenerative diseases like heart disease.

Eighty years later, in 1985, he found that deaths from infectious diseases had dropped
to only one per thousand, seeming to reveal a considerable improvement.Not so!
Deaths from heart disease alone had reached 38 per thousand, more than neutralizing
the improvement in the former.

Infectious diseases are no longer a major threat, thanks largely to modern sanitation,
but instead there has been an explosion of degenerative conditions.
Besides heart disease, many other diseases add to the death toll in modern Australia.

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