Strategies for High Energy Living

Natural ways to boost your energy at work – stimulant free!

Did you know that eating three square meals a day, without snacking,
can be detrimental to your energy levels?
When we eat, our bodies release insulin, which helps us to shuttle
the body’s primary energy source, glucose, into cells.
Glucose is a simple sugar and is used to fuel our brain, our muscles and
the rest of our organs.
By eating a meal, our blood glucose level (BCI) rises slightly and we begin to
receive energy from the foods we have eaten.
Naturally, different foods will affect our BCI. in different ways.
when you only eat three meals a day your energy levels will rise after each meal
and then proceed to crash 3-4 hours later, depending o what you eat.
If you eat small meals every 2-3 hours, however, you will have much more
predictable and stable blood glucose levels.

Eat Protein
Including a portion of lean protein in every meal will not only create greater
feeling of fullness and satisfaction, but it will also stabilize your blood sugar levels.
Some good examples of lean protein are chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef steak
lean cuts of pork, tuna, and low fat cottage cheese.

Drink plenty of water.
Water is one of the most undervalued resources you have in your energy arsenal.
Did you know that being slightly dehydrated  can cause your brain to temporarily
shrink, and therefore cause a reduction in mental focus?

The good news is that your brain can quickly return to its full size once you re-introduce
more water to your day. The Government recommends we drink at least 8 glasses
of water  per day. But when you drink a glass of water when you wake up, 600 ml water
bottles that you can sip during the day, and another glass of water before going to bed,
you’ll have already beaten the government’s recommendation.

A word of advice, though: don’t drink water  with your  meals. whe you drink fluids
with meals, you dilute your stomach acid, which makes it harder for your body’s
enzymes to break down your food, and this could make you even more tired.
Eat real or ‘living foods’ rather than ‘dead’ or processed foods
Processed foods have a draining effect on your digestive system and energy levels.
By  eating more ‘living foods’ (e.g. raw fruits, veggies and nuts) and reducing your
intake of ‘dead’ foods (e.g. burgers,fries, pastries, lollies and chocolates) your
energy levels will increase dramatically.

Take a multivitamin with high levels of B Vitamins
Most people do not meet their body’s needs for vitamins and minerals on a
daily basis. Even a slight deficiency in one key vitamin or mineral will not only
increase your changes of getting sick but it may also leave you feeling tired and
rundown. Always look for a high quality multivitamin that contains high levels
of all the major B Vitamins, as these are important vitamins for a high energy
active lifestyle.