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Beating the holiday blues

How to keep your vacation glow until your next trip.

You gaze with disgust at the mountains of dirty laundry, tossed casually next to the half-unpacked suitcase.  You feel fidgety — unable to settle into your normal routines – life seems grey, and you are dreading work.  Chances are you have a condition that hits most eager travellers:  the post-holiday blues.  Today is about how to move past them to get back into the swing of regular life.
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If the popular press is to be believed, staying fit and healthy is as easy as…

How Sweet is a Sweet Potato?
Pretty Sweet!

Sweet potatoes are a super food that I have only recently come to appreciate. When preparing my lecture on heart disease epidemiology for our new eCornell course, I found reports of several traditional cultures known for avoiding heart disease that subsist largely on this delicious tuber. In fact, a 1978 paper[1] cited a dietary survey finding that sweet potatoes supplied about 90% of total calorie intake in the traditional subsistence culture of the Papua New Guinea highlanders. 90%! Sinnett and Whyte write, “Indeed, non-tuberous vegetables accounted for less than 5% of the food consumed, while the intake of meat was negligible.” There was no evidence of malnutrition from this diet and no evidence for hypertensive heart disease.
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