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Cleansing diets

There are three ways of fasting.
Total water fasting.
This type of fasting conserves the same large amount of energy that is normally used to digest food.
Water fasting is too extreme initially, and in any case requires professional supervision, except for very short periods.

Another option is: a fruit juice diet, which is very close to fasting and is more suitable for
the majority of people in this stressful, modern world.

A third option is a diet consisting exclusively fruit or fruit with vegetable salads.

The reason why ‘fasting’ is referred to often here is mainly to make it more understandable.
Therapeutic fasting (water only) is the purest form of cleansing to facilitate healing.
Juice diets and fruit and/or salad diets are milder versions of the same process.

Although the digestive system has little or no work to do during this ‘spring-cleaning’,
there is still much work for the excretory system to do. Initially, the liver works very hard
breaking down stored toxins that are released into circulation to be eliminated by the kidneys.

The well-known phenomenon of hibernation in animals involves fasting. When cats and dogs are sick they won’t eat – it is virtually impossible to make a sick animal to eat.
In the animal kingdom, fasting is a perfectly normal procedure.

Humans are essentially the same as animals. We can fast when appropriate,without harm and also with great benefit. There is a misunderstanding of the difference between fasting and starvation.
Therapeutic fasting is not starving.

In starvation, the life processes are maintained by breaking down tissues. Damage to the brain and other vital organs is likely. This is a destructive process, whereas properly conducted fasting is a constructive process.

During proper fasting the body is nourished adequately from its own reserves.Fat supplies energy,
muscle provides the necessary traces of protein, and toxic wastes are broken down and eliminated, yielding more energy in the process. It is an ingenious trick of nature that the body uses as fuel the very substances that caused the health problems in the first place.

In fact, it is more than a trick – one of the greatest wisdom of nature is displayed in this
process. during self-nourishment tissues are broken down in the reverse order of their usefulness.
Fat and disease growth go first. The body frees itself of benign tumors and other growths by dissolving them. Similarly, retained fluid and deposits of various kinds are reabsorbed, the usable portions being utilized for nourishment and the unusable portions eliminated.

The human body is able to nourish itself from its reserves for surprisingly long periods of time, if there is a reasonable level of vitality and the necessary conditions are maintained.
Without a doubt,the main reserve,fat, plays an important roll in this.