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Facts about Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice of health and well-being that
involves holding and moving between various postures,
specified breathing methods and achieving altering states
of consciousness through meditation.

While the broader aim of traditional yogic practices is
unifying mind and body with spirit, in the West it has

come to be seen as a relaxing or muscle toning physical
activity, depending on yoga style.

Regardless of which yoga method is practiced, studies
have confirmed its healing properties.
In fact,
many studies have found that regular practice of yoga
can reduce blood pressure by as much as 15 mm
(millimeters of mercury in blood pressure reading).

With extended practice of yoga, a level of fitness is
achieved and weight loss experienced, which are also
responsible for lowering of blood pressure and the
reduction of daily stress.

Reduction of stress, lowering of blood pressure,
calmness of mind and slowed breathing are all tools
that help reduce pain and other symptoms and
negative effects of suffering arthritis.

Yoga can be an effective method for decreasing pain
by its ability to induce a deep calming effect and
slower breathing, which assist in the relaxation of
muscles and reduction of trigger points and
systemic inflammation.
This ancient practice brings down the stress induced
fight or flight response, thereby reducing the levels
of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol that are
pumping through your system.

Yoga practices, especially those with a spiritual
component, also offer practitioners an emotional
experience along with their physical movements,
fostering feelings of love, kindness, compassion and
forgiveness. These feelings alone reduce the way
people react to daily stress and the people around
them. Stress causes pain, so less stress means
less tension in the body and therefore less pain.

The body has learned ways of reacting to stress with
protective measures like tension and pain.
To overcome those ingrained responses, one needs to
retrain the body’s response to the mind.

Practicing yoga has proven effective at doing this.
It gives the mind and the body a new pattern of
relaxation and quietness.
Yoga teaches one to use their mind to observe their
body, to control posture, to regulate breathing…
all in an effort to allow them to take control of
their experiences and how their experiences take
hold in the body.

The ongoing practice of yoga offers a transformation.
It changes stress and pain responses into healing
responses. Over time, it brings one to feel a sense
of self-empowerment, vitality and relaxed,
stress-free living.