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Facts about Fat Storage

The industry around weight loss is well aware of the fact that low-calorie diets cause fast loss of muscle and fat. For this reason, the market is saturated with fiber bars, liquid meals and light weight cereals.

We live in a society of instant coffee,….. while-you-wait, etc.
Fast results are essential for continuous sales results.
The average consumer is not aware of the fact, that when they are losing fat, they lose muscle also.

Nutrition scientists have known for many years that reducing calories to 800 – 1200 per day, which is below the essential energy requirement of the body to maintain vital functions, causes you to cannibalize your own muscles for fuel.
On these diets, muscle provides up to 45% of the energy deficit. If the deficit in essential energy requirement is 500 calories per day, then up to 225 calories will come from muscle breakdown. n only four weeks on such a diet, you can lose 1.5 kg of vital muscle. In your muscles is all your energy created by burning of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the mitochondria of each and every cell.

Even an ounce of muscle lost, lowers basic metabolic rate of fuel consumption and reduces your ability to burn body fat. So all diets that are below the essential energy requirement of your body are a guaranteed recipe for failure.

Besides the fact of losing muscle,which is your body’s engine, the weight loss ndustry
also know that fast fat loss guaranties regain of fat. The physiology behind it has been known for decades.

Fast fat loss alerts the potent defenses of the body of its energy reserve.
The quantity and activity of the lipoprotein lipase enzyme increases immediately, which is the body’s main mechanism that collect digested fat from the bloodstream and stuff it into fat cells.
Lipoprotein lipase get hold of every fat molecule and even disable your body to use it for energy.In order to make up the deficit, you have to burn more muscle.

However, as muscle is your basic structure, it is harder for your body to burn it than fat.
As a result, your metabolism slows down, which reduces your ability to burn fat.
Toxic wastes build-up as a result of burning proteins. This can make you sick and cranky.

This activity does not help you to control your appetite, which becomes more ravenous.
It gets even worse. If you can’t resist the inconvenience any longer and succumb to
real food, the lipoprotein lipase has become so efficient, that you regain seven weeks painful fat loss in almost seven days.

But the biggest problem is that you don’t get any of the lost muscle back.
So the final result of the diet is that there is no change in body fat but a big loss in muscle.
This loss of part of your engine causes further fat gain as it reduces your ability to burn
the fat you have.

Overweight people using low-calorie diets lose so much muscle that they set their bodies up for permanent obesity, when they use them repeatedly.