Fit in Midlife

A Personal Statement

A speaker stood before a group of alcoholics determined to demonstrate to them,
once and for all, that alcohol was an evil beyond compare.
On the platform he had what appeared two identical containers of clear fluid.
He announced that one contained pure water and the other was filled with
undiluted alcohol. He placed a small worm in the container while everyone watched
as it swam around and headed for the side of the glass, whereupon it simply crawled
to the top of the glass. He then took the same worm and placed it in the container
with alcohol. The worm disintegrated right before their eyes.
“There,” said the speaker. “What’s the moral?”
A voice from the rear of the room said quite clearly: “I see that if you drink alcohol,
you’ll never have worms.”

This story indicate that you hear and perceive exactly what you want to hear based
upon many of your own values, beliefs, prejudices and personal history.