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If there is one common behavior I see over and over again in the health and fitness industries, it is the fear people have of trying something new. That’s precisely how I felt when I enrolled in the Center for Nutrition Studies Certificate Program in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell in the spring of 2012. I took the course because I genuinely wanted to learn more about nutrition, but I did not expect to change my viewpoints very much.    continue reading……..August 15, 2016

New Insides into How Mind Influences the Body

University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences
Neuroscientists have identified the neural networks that connect the cerebral cortex to the adrenal medulla, which is responsible for the body’s rapid response in stressful situations. These findings provide evidence for the neural basis of a mind-body connection. Specifically, the findings shed new light on how stress, depression and other mental states can alter organ function, and show that there is a real anatomical basis for psychosomatic illness.   continue reading…….
Exercise and Weight Loss: How Much Time it Takes to Gain and Lose Muscle Mass
I realize it’s not new information that exercise is important for weight management and health. The hard part is staying consistent. If you’re like most people you’ll find yourself having conversations in your head where you talk yourself out of exercise: “I don’t have time today”, “I don’t feel like it”, I don’t want to…continue reading….
Symptoms of Toxaemia
Toxaemia comes in different levels of intensity, ranging from minor to major.
The first thing people like to know is how toxic they are.
Unfortunately that is not easy to determine. It is quite possible to be in a ‘polluted’ state without being aware that there is anything wrong.Iridology will probably give us the most reliable indication (analysis of the iris of the eye), when conducted by a skilled practitioner.     continue reading…..

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