Health & Nutrition #77 by Nutrobalance


How Stress effect your appetite and what you can do about it.

When you feel stressed it’s a common experience to want to eat a pint of ice cream and equally common to not want to eat anything at all. The stress response is complicated involving many systems of your body. How you react to that response varies from person to person. Does stress make you want.  read more….


Review of the Top 5 Free Online Longevity Calculators and Tests
A Review of the Websites Claim to Tell You How  Long You Will Live

There are a lot of life expectancy and longevity calculators out there. So I decided to do a systematic test to find the best. I found a willing friend and had him use a few of the top longevity calculators available. Throughout the process, we made note of his projected life expectancy according to the calculator, the experience of the test itself, and what recommendations were given, if any.   continue reading…..


Michael Greger M.D. · Last Updated on August 1, 2016

Beans are rich in phytonutriessnts and antioxidants and  an excellent addition to a variedeconomical, healthy diet. All four of the major dietary food-scoring systems promote beans as a part of a healthy diet, one of only four foods these guidelines agree on. The newest dietary guidelines for Americans also promote whole plant food consumption, including a high legume intake continue  reading….

How Eating Less May Prolong Life
Three new studies show that restricting calories, even in non-obese people:
• reduces inflammation (Aging, July 2016)
• helps to prevent cancers (Cancer Research, July 14, 2016)
• increases autophagy (PLoS Genetics, July 14, 2016)continue reading….

Jamie Oliver’s Recipe of the Day  –  Brazilian Chicken Bucket –   click here!