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Principles of Good Health

Good health is the normal state of the human body, and this should continue
from birth till death under normal conditions.

When given the right conditions, the human body is a very efficient self healing
mechanism. The body’s ability to heal depends directly on it’s level of vitality.
The higher the vitality, the faster and more powerful the healing.

Improving lifestyle increases vitality and elimination of toxins, which may bring
about symptoms. These are but temporary and are often wrongly interpreted as
a sign that the lifestyle changes are doing more harm than good.
We are often getting worse before we get better.

Infectious disease is not a change attack on the body by some foreign organism.
Generally speaking, it is part of the body’s defense processes at work.

The primary, underlying cause of most acute and degenerative diseases is
toxaemia as a result of our modern lifestyle. And repeatedly suppressing minor

ailments by drugs of the body’s efforts to cleanse itself from toxaemia
for many years with a lifestyle for which the human body was not designed.

The decrease in vitality as we grow older is compounded by the accumulating
toxaemia. There comes a time when our bodies no longer have sufficient vitality
to cleanse themselves with a cold, the flu or similar minor ailments.
The build-up of toxins escalates and eventually results in damage to organs or
other tissues. This is degenerative disease.

Depending on diet, stress, other aspects of lifestyle and inherited weaknesses,
the degeneration may manifest itself as arthritis, osteoporoses, gallstones, ulcers,
high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, nerve damage or a host of
other problems. By some mechanism that is now gradually coming to be
understood, the degeneration may ultimately result in cancer.

When we understand toxaemia, it is perfectly clear why rheumatism and arthritis
in their various forms are the most widespread degenerative diseases in Australia,
affecting one person in every six.

Fortunately, the same healing principles that apply to acute disease, also apply
to degenerative diseases. If the cause is removed and vitality subsequently

restored, the body will attempt to heal itself.
Generally speaking, provided there is no total destruction of tissue, it will do so.

The time required for full recovery may be a matter of weeks, months or even
Fortunately, the initial improvement is often immediate, which encourages
the person to persevere. As a rule of thumb, it takes approximately one month for
each year of age to restore a HIGH level of health. However, the return to
good health may be greatly accelerated by the use of USANA Health Sciences’ Nutritional Supplements.

Old age is not synonymous with disease. Disease is more common in older
people only because of the accumulated effects of our modern lifestyle.
For the the most part we have it in our own hands to maintain a high level of
physical and mental wellbeing to a ripe old age, if we choose what’s right for us.