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The 14 Day Weight Loss Program 

WeightLoss-Solutions has developed an amazing Weight Loss Diet Program that will teach you about foods and eating properly. We will teach you how to eat and what to eat, to provide your body with the balanced nutrition it needs to boost your body’s metabolism, burn fat and promote healthy weight loss. This is a 14-Day Diet Plan that can help you lose weight and keep it off, and can change your life. Melt away pounds, increase your energy levels, and improve your health. Whether you are trying to lose that last 10 pounds or need substantial weight loss, the information in this weight loss diet program will help.
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Kombucha as the New Weight Loss Elixir and
Six Other Real Reasons to Drink Kombucha

I actually fell in love with the tangy, sweet/sour, bubbly awesomeness about ten years ago, and have been addicted ever since. Barely a day goes by when I don’t pick up a bottle or pour myself a glass from my home brew. It has an amazing taste, and really does …

Principles of Good Health

Good health is the normal state of the human body, and this should continue from birth till death under normal conditions.
Old age is not synonymous with disease. Disease is more common in older people only because of the accumulated effects of our modern lifestyle.
For the the most part we have it in our own hands to maintain a high level of physical and mental well being to a ripe old age, if we choose what’s right for us.
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Weight Loss

Because of the addictive nature of fatty foods, sugars, and artificial sweeteners, the average body mass index for the general U.S. population is nearing the obesity cut-off, and even children as young as five are now getting bariatric surgery. Obesity metabolically contributes to insulin resistance because of free fatty acid spillover into the blood. Even vegetarians are, on average, overweight in the United States but those eating more strictly plant-based diets average an ideal body weight. Meat has been found to increase the risk of being overweight, obesity, and obesity related diseases. This may be due, in part, to the consumption of chickens which are themselves obese and may be infected by an obesity-causing virusread more

Recipe of the Day – Asparagus & halloumi salad
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