Health & Nutrition #70 by Nutrobalance

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Diet to Fight Depression

The longer I practice medicine the more I appreciate firsthand how mental, emotional and physical health overlap far more than we commonly acknowledge in our society. And unfortunately, our mental/emotional health is not in a good place right now. My impression is that in this era of ever-increasing digital “connectedness,” binge TV watching, and around the clock smartphone use, loneliness and depression are little-discussed but pervasive epidemics.  continue reading……

Eating a high protein breakfast may help you with weight  management

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know that the type of breakfast you eat is just as important. New research suggests that eating a higher protein breakfast can help you feel more full and satisfied throughout the day, leading to greater weight loss overall. In… continue reading

Enjoy Life by eating Nature’s Way

When we follow nature’s way by what we eat we take a simple step that brings rewards many times greater than the effort required.
We are what we eat and the millions of chemical reactions occurring in our bodies every second of our lives depend on the quality of the raw materials in our food.
By choosing the right balance of nutrients, while watching other aspects of lifestyle, body and mind function potentially normal, and this gives us the starting point in order to enjoy life to the full. We need three basic requirements when eating well: Food needs to have the right acidic/alkaline balance It must supply the exact amount of all essential nutrients. It must supply these nutrients without causing harmful effects   continue reading…….

Recipe: Spicy Spanish Paprika-Roasted Chickpeas

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