The Amazing Hunza People

Hunzaland is a tiny country located high in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan.
The first group of Westerners to reach Hunzaland was the British army, which among
them a medical practitioner and researcher, Dr. Robert McCarrison.

Dr McCarrison was fascinated by the health and temperament of these people.
They lived isolated from the outside world and depending entirely for survival on
what they could produce themselves.

After 10 years studying the Hunzas, McCarrison – later to become Sir Robert
McCarrison – spent a further seven years studying nutrition in the capacity of Director
of Research on Nutrition in India. He later became a Major General  in the British
army and also chairman of the Post-Graduate Medical Education Committee at the
University of Oxford.

McCarrison summerized the Hunzas with the words: “These people are surpassed by
any other race in perfection of physique. They are long-lived, vigorous in youth and age,
capable of great endurance and enjoy a remarkeble freedom from diseases in general.”

In their natural, primitive state,  the Hunza people exhibited perfect mental and
physical  health – vibrant health, in  fact, with many of the population living to over
100 years of age, even to 150 or more. Men at 90 years of age were known to have
fathered children, while women at the age of 80 looked like Western women of 40.

Sickness was rare. Virtually unknown were ulcers, appendicitis, colitis, high blood
pressure, heart disease or childhood illnesses. It appeared that there was not a single
case of cancer in the entire population.

The people were friendly, hospitable and religious, free of fear, hatred and jalousy.
Divorce was rare and their was no juvenile delinquency. There were no jails, police
or army.

Medical studies have identified the Hunza’s natural way of eating as the  major factor
in their physical and mental health and well being. They lived on fresh vegetables,
fresh fruits, legumes, whole-grain foods and goats’ cheese and butter.
Meat was eaten only on ceremonial occasions, so it was a rarety in their diet.
They did indulge in a strong grape wine. Everything was organically grown on mineral-
rich soils.

In their way of life there was no refined sugar, no pasteurisation of milk, no
hydrogenation of oil, no chemical fertilizers, no chlorination  or fluoridation of
water and no vaccination.

They were a people of great intelligence, grace and charm, and were one of the
healthiest races the world has ever seen. They still live in the same part of the world
but are no longer isolated from Western influence.