Creation means coming up with new solutions to problems and doing things in a way
that immediately separates you from the competition in the minds of your prospects.
In fact, being a creator rather than a competitor separates you so much that they won’t even make a comparison… you stand alone in their minds.

Creation means being different  and people who are different stand apart from the crowd and don’t face the struggles that naturally come along with competition.
Creation means being the only game in town if people want what you offer and that means a whole lot more sales, more satisfaction, better relationships and more money!

But creation comes with a price, a price most people are mysteriously NOT willing to pay.
But if you pay the price the world will deliver anything you ask.
What’s the price?

In order to create instead of compete you must cut yourself off from the mentality of the “crowd.”
Now by “cut yourself off” I don’t mean you should become a hermit living in a cave
with no human contact. What I mean is that you must separate yourself from  the
“crowd” mentality.
You must be willing to make mistakes.
You must be willing to take chances and be vulnerable.
You must be willing to open yourself up to criticism.