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Why you won’t lose weight with exercise alone

Source: Cell Press
Exercise by itself isn’t always enough to take off the weight. Now, evidence helps to explain why that is: our bodies adapt to higher activity levels, so that people don’t necessarily burn extra calories even if they exercise more.  read more….

The #1 Dietary Risk Factor is Not Eating Enough FruitInhibiting Platelet Aggregation with Berries

The Global Burden of Disease Study published in 2012, is the most comprehensive and systematic analysis of causes of death undertaken to date, involving nearly 500 researchers from more than 300 institutions in 50 countries, and starting with almost 100,000 data sources. What did the researchers find? Here in the U.S., they determined that our biggest killer was our diet. Number 1 on their list of the most important dietary risks was not eating enough fruit, responsible for an estimated 4.9 million deaths a year around the world.
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High Cholesterol? Look to Your Plate, Not to the Prescription Pad

The most dramatic protection from heart disease involves maintaining a normal weight, cholesterol and blood pressure with your diet, so you do not require medications. Medications cannot compare.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipe of the day:
Pukka Yellow Curry
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