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Cells talk to their neighbors before making a move

Comparing notes boosts cells sensing accuracy

January 21, 2016
Emory Health Sciences
To decide whether and where to move in the body, cells must read chemical signals in their environment. Individual cells do not act alone during this process, two new studies on mouse mammary tissue show. Instead, the cells make decisions collectively after exchanging information about the chemical messages they are receiving.   continue reading……

Increase Your Lifespan and Your Health with Nuts and Seeds

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Updated December 14, 2015.
Did you know that eating nuts may help increase your lifespan, lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer, help in weight loss and are a benefit in diabetes management? How is it possible that such a tiny food possesses such amazing properties? continue reading.….

How to Prevent Wear-and-Tear Injuries

You can help to prevent wear-and-tear injuries from any type of exercise by warming up, by stopping exercise when you feel pain and by not exercising intensely when your muscles feel heavy or sore.
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Jamie Oliver’s Recipe of the Day: Ricotta Fritters
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