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The TRUTH About Gluten

There’s a LOT of confusion out there these days about whether gluten is a real hazard to your health or not.

Even many news reporters on popular national TV shows have frequently shown the story from 2 totally opposite sides of the spectrum, highlighting some experts that say gluten only negatively affects a small % of the population that is officially “gluten-sensitive” or people that have Celiac disease, while highlighting other experts that say gluten is affecting a very LARGE portion of the population with various inflammation and auto-immune related health problems that most people don’t realize.

So I’m bringing in one of the experts that I’ve found on this topic, to clarify exactly how gluten could be affecting YOU… did you know that gluten could possibly be causing “tiny holes” to form in your intestines (aka, leaky gut) from the chronic inflammation that gluten can cause… and can also be causing nutrient deficiencies from damage to specialized cells in your intestines that control nutrient absorption.
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Healthy Eating and Diet Nutrition

Healthy Weight Loss, Fight Lifestyle Diseases…

Healthy eating and getting the most nutrition out of your meals is your secret to staying healthy and energized, natural weight loss, and combating lifestyles diseases.

Does the expression, “you are what you eat” ring a bell? Do you know that what you eat and how you prepare your food can affect how you look, how you feel, and how long you live?

Do you suffer from, or are you trying to avoid any of the lifestyle diseases? – Obesity, diabetes II, heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, stroke, cancer, digestive problems or any other related diseases?

Have you been trying to lose weight without much luck? Let’s face it, I’m sure you probably have figured by now, diets don’t work – at least not permanently. Or perhaps you’re just simply trying to stay healthy, stay agile and energetic, keep your children eating healthy, live a good quality life, and avoid illnesses and infections?
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True Health Care is A Proper Education

One out of two Americans gets heart disease and half of those die instantly from their first heart attack.

One out of three dies of cancer. One out of eight women gets breast cancer and one out of six men gets prostate cancer. Roughly one out of ten middle-aged Americans has diabetes, and among those over 60, this rate becomes one out of five people. In addition, another one in five Americans has so-called prediabetes.  read it all….

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