The benefits of building muscle and increasing strength

Professor William Evans and Irwin Rosenberg, from Turfs University in the US, wrote a book called: Biomarkers, in which they discussed that building muscle is one of the best ways to improve overall health as well as slowing down the aging process.

However when we consider weight loss on it’s own, there are several mechanisms through which building muscle can assist weight loss.

Our muscles can burn up a lot of energy, particularly when they are recovering and rebuilding after exercise.This means they can make it easier for us to create an energy/calorie deficit and therefore lose weight. Your body will indiscriminately lose both fat and muscle tissue during the weight loss process.

Muscle loss without building muscle results in slowing down your metabolism, making it harder still to continuously lose  weight.

During post workout cardio increased fat burning.
Resistance exercise is the best way to stimulate your muscles to grow. Resistance exercise
tends to be a high intensity form of exercise and your body will use a greater proportion of
carbohydrate as a fuel source during the session.
As a result, your body will be in a carbohydrate-depleted state after workout and if you
perform some aerobic exercise (cardio) your body tend to use fat for its primeral fuel source.
This effect can be enhanced by using a thermogenic fat burning during exercise.

Regular exercise routine
You can’t just simply eat more food or take a protein powder in order to build muscle.
You first need a stimilus, and your body needs to be forced to adapt and overcome a stress, which in  this case is resistance exercise.

In order to get results fast it is best to perform a weight training routine 3 – 6 times
per week, in conjunction with some aerobic exercise.
If you haven’t had much experience with weight training it is always good to use the services of a personal trainer. They can help you to perform all of the exercises correctly, as well as help you to make the workouts more effective and enjoyable.