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High Five to Your Health

This time of the year we are bursting with renewed energy to shine and to focus on ourselves and our loved ones. In case you … Continued

Men: This 1 Hormone Is Killing Your Sex Drive & Ability To Stay Manly

There is a large problem that’s affecting males worldwide. The problem is not a sickness, disease or a contagious virus. Rather, it’s a problem with our manhood.

What is this worldwide issue? read it all..

Yoga improves arthritis symptoms, mood, study finds

September 15, 2015
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Yoga can be safe and effective for people with arthritis, a randomized trial of people with two common forms of arthritis has found. The researchers report that eight weeks of yoga classes improved the physical and mental well being of people with two common forms of arthritis, knee osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
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