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GMO Dangers: Facts You Need to Know


A plant biologist explains how GMOs now constitute a major part of the US food supply. They are especially common in processed foods and are fed to animals. How safe are they? read it all…..

Shift focus from calorie counting to nutritional value for heart health, say experts

Clinicians have failed to act for far too long, but human and economic toll make this not affordable, they argue.
Date: August 26, 2015
Source: BMJ
It’s time to stop counting the calories, and instead start promoting the nutritional value of foods if we are to rapidly cut illness and death from cardiovascular disease and curb the rising tide of obesity, say experts. read it all….

Protecting the Planet with Your Fork


Here at the Center for Nutrition Studies, we are focused on nutrition and health.

But what we choose to do for our own nutrition and health has a dramatic effect on the health of the planet, which in turn has profound implications for our future societal health.
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Recipe of the Day – Salmon & couscous

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