Healthy Diet for Athletes

Why do we need Antioxidants?
The oxidation process that metal causes to rust is also at work inside our body.
Oxidation means:something has reacted with oxygen and oxygen molecules
have lost an electron during their interaction with other molecules.
These so called free radicals try to steal molecules from any healthy
molecules they can find and in the process create more free radicals.

Every breath we take causes free radicals and damage our healthy cells,
as they try to stabilize themselves. The damage of free radicals is significant.
Research is showing more and more evidence that fee radical damage
is the cause of many degenerative diseases,like cancer,stroke,heart – and
eye disease, macular degeneration and the aging process itself.

As with extensive exercises and heavy breathing many free radials are
generated,it is sensible to eat a diet rich in antioxidants,like vit.C packet
citrus fruits,broccoli,dark green vegetables,beta-carotene rich carrots,
sweet potatoes and spinach.Also wheatgerm and vegetable oils,which are
rich in vitamin E, to counteract the damaging effect of free radicals.

As I explained in my subject about cellular nutrition,the anti-oxidants we get
out of our food are not sufficient to neutralize the effect of free radicals.
It makes sense to follow the example of world leading athletes,like:
1.Steve Hooker,Olympic Gold medalist and USANA sponsored athlete,pole vault,
ranked #1 at Bejiing Olympics 2008;ranked #1 at  Perth Interclub Meet in 2008,
ranked #1 at Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006.
Steve takes USANA essentials, Biomega, Procosamine, Coquinone,
Garlic EC and bulk nutromeal pouches.

2.Clint Robinson,Olympic Gold medalist and USANA sponsored athlete,
winning K1 1000 meter Canoe/Kayak at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.
Clint takes the Essentials,Proflavanol 90,Garlic EC,E-prime and Biomega-3.

3.The Australian Women’s Yngling Sailing Team are newly sponsored
USANA Athletes.They came 2nd place at the Yngling World Championships.
4.The Australian Swim Team:Trevis Nederpelt,Matt Target,Elese Zaleski,
Amy Cockerton,Daniel Blackborrow and Aike Sakeson.
These elite athletes noticed multiple benefits,including health improvements,
increased energy levels and greater endurance.

5.Derek Parra,Olympic Gold medalist speed skating.
6.Jenefer Azzi,Olympic gold medalist basketball.
7.Thurl Baily,NBA All-Star basketball player.
They are using the USANA essentials and other products to
supplement their diet.

An athlete should drink plenty of fluid,before,during and after an event,
even when you are not thirsty,because you can’t rely on thirst as an
indicator of your body’s hydration status.Caffeine containing drinks
can make you dehydrated.
Weigh yourself before and after an event.For every pound you lose,
drink 2 cups of water.

Carbohydrates are important to fuel your body;60-65% of your diet should
come from carbohydrates.Eating complex carbohydrates will strengthen
your endurance,but are burned off during intense exercise.
Foods high in carbohydrates are not high in calories.

Athletes and even weightlifters need .8 to 1 gram of protein per kg.
body weight. Extra protein or protein supplements don’t build more
muscle.Working the muscle is the key!
Most athletes and non-athletes are getting enough protein out of their
daily diet.If you eat more protein than your body need,it’s converted
into body fat, if you consume more calories than your body needs.

An athlete's diet should be selected with the object of maintaining an optimum expenditure of energy.
The foods selected should include wheatmeal bread, wheatmeal or oatmeal porridge with wheatgerm and raisins , and served with milk and honey.

Protein food, and fats also, must be included for staying power, and protein tablets can be kept ready for emergencies.
A splendid protein drink can be made by mixing a desert spoon of brewers' yeast powder with two desert spoonful of skim milk in a glass of water, and sweetening with a little honey. This drink is also rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron.

'Mid-meals' should be taken, consisting of dried fruits, rich in natural  sugars, which release energy.
Salt is lost to the body by perspiration and must be replaced. 

There is some evidence that a high intake of vitamin C minimizes muscle soreness
in athletes, engaged in unusually strenuous muscular activities.
It also appears to reduce foot troubles, such as swellings and pains. 
The high intake of vitamin C should be commenced some days or perhaps weeks before the strenuous exercise is commenced, and continued during the period of exercise. This vitamin is also required for strong, healthy bone structure and connective tissue.

Another vitamin invaluable for athletes is vitamin E, which strengthens the heart and muscles,improves the circulation and reduces the body's need for oxygen.

Athletes need vitamin B complex tablets to strengthen the nervous system, and the need is greatly increased during strenuous exercise.
Vitamin A should also be taken, as it helps to build up resistance to infectious diseases such as cold and flu, etc.

The USANA Macro-Opimizers, like Fibergy,  Nutromeal and snack bars contain
the right ratio’s of Carbohydrates,protein and fat to keep your energy at optimum level.

The USANA products are manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards,
they are bio-available,potency guaranteed,well balanced and the ingredients work together in synergy.
USANA products are the Gold Standard for the sports community.
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