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The Alkaline Advantage How pH Promotes
Optimal Health and Performance
It amazes me how little attention the value of balanced pH has garnered from the mainstream medical world. read it all….

The 5 Surprising Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat…
No, Not Crunches!

For many of us, it’s too elusive–those flat, six pack abs that grace the cover of fitness and diet magazines (and unfortunately, not us).

With an obesity rate that continues to climb in the United States, it’s clear most of us don’t have our bodies under control either.

“So in one sense, the obesity crisis is the result of simple math. It’s a calories in, calories out calculation,” says Cathy Newman, a senior writer for National Geographic. “The First Law of Fat says that anything you eat beyond your immediate need for energy, from avocados to ziti, converts to fat.” read it all…

Curcumin and turmeric: Improving the therapeutic benefits by enhancing absorption and bio availability

Taylor & Francis
Few natural products have demonstrated the range of protective and therapeutic promise as have turmeric and its principal bio active components, the curcuminoids.  Success in translating this potential into tangible benefits has been limited by inherently poor intestinal absorption, rapid metabolism, and limited systemic bio availability. Seeking to overcome these limitations, food ingredient formulators have begun to employ a variety of approaches to enhance absorption and bio availability. read it all…..
Recipe of the Day– Gennaro’s baked four-cheese spirali
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