Boost your Immune System with Proglucamune

Your immune system is a co-ordinated system of cells, proteins, and chemical signals that are designed to fend off bacteria, viruses, and parasites. It help co-ordinate the wound healing process, cellular/tissue turnover, repair, and (re)building.

For optimal immune function, it is important to support all three aspects of our immunity:
surface immunity, innate immunity and adaptive immunity.

Surface immunity is the first line of defense against pathogens. It is comprised of the barriers that actively keep pathogens out, such as skin, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal system.
If a pathogen is able to cross a surface barrier, then the innate immune system defenses are stimulated. Innate immunity includes a host of reactions, including the destruction of pathogens through a process called phagocytosis.

Adaptive immunity is called into action if the innate immune system is overwhelmed.
Also known as acquired immunity, this response is highly specific to the pathogen that induces it.

To help your whole immune system function better, there is a unique product on the market that combines ancient wisdom with modern science, containing four potent immune boosting ingredients, which help immune cells to work faster and better….
even under stress.
It is a powerful immune supplement on the market, specifically created for year round comprehensive support. It strengthens overall effectiveness of the immune system to help maintain and improve general well being.

The four natural immune boosting ingredients include:
Reishi – traditionally used in the management of immune and heart function. It helps to support the body’s natural immune defenses against free radical damage. It’s extracts boost the function of immune cells, our body’s first line of defense against infection. Based on its traditional use for longevity and boosting Qi, Reishi is often called the “Mushroom of immortality.”

Shiitake – Shiitake mushrooms, also called “Black Forest Mushroom” are high in several essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and lentinan – a polyaccharide and the key . constituent of Shiitake. Theses nutrients help to keep the immune system strong.

Baker’s Yeast – Proglucamune provides beta 1.3/1.6 glucan (Wellmune WGP), a natural carbohydrate derived from a proprietary strain of Baker’s Yeast. It has long been recognized as potent immunological activators with medicinal importance. It has been clinically proven to prime the immune system. Clinical studies have shown reductions in
symptomatic days of upper respiratory tract infections, improved immunity, and
reduced “down time” during cold season. The yeast beta-glucans have also been shown
to support vitality, mood state and general well-being that help protect against the
harmful effects of stress.

Zinc – Zinc is one of the 24 micro nutrients needed for survival. It can be found in meat, eggs, oysters and legume products. It is an essential trace element for maintaining the immune system, supporting proper functioning of immune cells and serving as an intracellular signal molecule for immune cells. It also act as an antioxidant and helps defend against oxidative stress.

Benefits of Proglucamune:
Helps support healthy immune system and function, improvement of general     well-being.
May assist in the management of upper respiratory tract infections in physically active people and people susceptible to upper respiratory tract infection.

May assist in reducing the severity and duration of symptoms associated with colds and flu.
Reishi has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic to replenish Qi.
Vegetarian safe.

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