Healthy Body, Strong Foundations

The human foot is one of the most amazing of all physical phenomena.
Composed of 26 main bones, the average foot takes over 5000 steps a day.
Over the years that naturally leads to a lot of wear and tear.

The study of biomechanics, the physical laws governing the way our body moves,
has revealed a direct relationship between abnormal foot function and
problems higher in the body.

Unbeknown to many people, problems with the  feet can result in lower back trouble,
knee pain, hip-pain and a variety of other physical problems.

The philosophy behind “Footwork”, a North Fremantle business, is:”Healthy Body,
Strong Foundation.” It believes that for the human body to reach its full potential,
it needs a  healthy base. Footwork looks at correcting structural problems with
the body so that it does has a strong foundation.

Biomechanics has been around a long time. It is a scientific approach to the diagnoses
and treatment of the many problems caused as a result of sports and daily activities.
Several techniques are available to help find out what is causing pain,from simple
visual assessment of posture and leg configurations and leg length measurements to
muscle strength and length assessment, joint range of motion measurements and even
video gait analysis during walking.

When this information has been collated, correction and compensation for abnormalities
can then be made using a treatment plan. On hand to do this are podiatrists who
analyze the view taken of a patient on a treadmill, where every aspect of the
walking process is studied. A treatment plan may incorporate shoe modifications,
stretching/strengthening exercise programs or orthotic therapy.

Footwork has attracted patients from a broad background, including those with
sports injuries, young children and the elderly.