Fluoride in drinking water

Although Fluoride is a normal component of calcified tissue (bones and teeth),
it is not considered an essential mineral for humans.(Paul Bergner,The Healing Power
of Minerals,page 118). It appears to stimulate bone growth and deposit calcium in
the bones. However the issues of dental Fluoride and water fluoridation have not
been satisfactorily settled and are still being hotly debated.

There are two types of Fluoride: Calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride.
Calcium fluoride could be good for the teeth, but for sodium fluoride, hexafluorosilicic
acid is used and is a waste product of the fertilizer manufacturing industry and the
aluminum industry. (See Dr. Paul Connett’s book:The Case against Fluoride.
Dr. Connett is the world’s leading expert on the dangers of fluoridation and the founder
of the Fluoride Action Network.

There is mounting peer reviewed evidence that swallowing fluoride causes harmful effects
on the body, including bone strength, thyroid issues and brain development in children.
Tooth decay rates in continental western Europe where 98% of the population rejects
fluoridated water are as low as tooth decay rates in countries such as Australia and
United States, where majority of the population is mass medicated with fluoridated water.

Most western industrialized countries never have, have already rejected or lowered
substantially the recommended amount of fluoride in drinking water but nevertheless
have still experienced the same decline in childhood dental decay as fluoridated countries.