Facts about Our Skin

The skin consists of layers of different cells, binded together to form
tissues and other structures.

Our skin is divided into three layers.The outer layer is called the epidermis.
The thickness of this layer varies with age, sex and the area of the body.
It varies between 5 cells under the forearm to as much as thirty cells
on the sole of the foot.
It provides a keratin – filled cellular coating for our body and has the cells
that:  1) determine our skin and hair color (melanocytes)
2) provide immunities (Langerhaus cells )
3) enhance our sense of touch (Merkel cells).

Immediately below the epidermis is a second skin layer: the dermis.
The dermis holds a fiber mesh of collagen and elastin that acts as a
home to our oil-producing sebaccous glands and veins.
Within this layer lie the water-binding GAGs that provide fullness to
the skin by maintaining moisture within its layers.This is a filling of
long-chained sugar molecules. These molecules bind together with
proteins to form glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) GAGs are the skin’s
moisture-storage structures. They act like sponges and bind with
water molecules.

Moisturizing is generally the process of attracting and retaining water
in the  the layer of skin above the dermis – the epidermis.
We can, however, stimulate the production of GAGs through proper

Finally, the third layer, called the hypodermis, is primarily a layer of fat
within which our sweat glands reside. These sweat glands help regulate
the body’s temperature and produce the acidic component of the skin’s
protective acid mantle.

The impact of aging
Visible changes of our skin start at the age of twenty-five, as our natural
regenerative processes begin to slow. Damaged protein as a result of
scarring, sun damage and oxidative stress. The proteins that comprise
the collagen and elastin fibers lose their uniformity and protein chains
start cross-linking with adjacent protein chains.
This negatively impacts the uniformity of the skin.

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