Strengthen Your Immune System

Many studies in the past has proven that antioxidants can cure and
prevent hundred of diseases, apart from cancer, heart disease and
diabetes, diverse disorders like long diseases, cataracts, anemia,
burns and other wounds, multiple different infections and degenerative
diseases of the brain.

Antioxidants not only neutralize free radicals, but also increase your
resistance to all kinds of toxins, bacteria, viruses, traumas and
degenerative diseases.
They accomplish this amazing feat by strengthen your immunity.

Dr. Tengerdy, at Colorado State University discovered only in the 1970’s
that supplementing animal diets with vitamin E protected them against
all kind of diseases, introduced into their bodies.

The basis of their protection was a big increase in immune strength,
especially in strength of the lymphocyte responses.
Animals, whose diets contained the equivalent amount of vitamin E for
humans were not protected and succumbed to disease after disease.

Dr. Tengerdy concluded from his research that to strengthen immunity
requires at least six times the vitamin E that is generally accepted
adequate for “normal” health.

Other scientists found the same effect by using selenium, which is the
antioxidant co-factor of vitamin E. Immune strength increased to four
times the usual response.

Other studies proved that antioxidants, when given over a long period
of time, prevent the decline of immunity by animals with aging.
Even when immunity by animals has declined with age, supplementation
with antioxidants can restore it, including a restoration of T-lymphocyte

The same effect can be found with humans.
Dr. Meydani at Tufts Human Nutrition Research Center gave healthy
men and women over age 60 supplements of 800 IU of vitamin E
each day in a double blind clinical trial.
Most subjects showed a 10% – 50% increase in immune strength,
including increases in the production of lymphocytes.

New studies show that whey protein can enhance your immunity
up tp 500%. Other protein has little effect.
The main reason is that whey contains a much higher level of cysteine
than most other proteins.
Cysteine is the precurser of gluthathione, one of the strongest
antioxidants in your body.

The studies show that gluthathione levels increase rapidly in animals
who are fed whey protein concentrate and it is this increase that
enhances immunity.
So if you are using a protein drink for meal replacement or muscle
building, make sure it’s protein ingredient is whey protein concentrate.

The above is only a small sample of the evidence that supplementation
with antioxidants can provide amazing protection against multiple forms
of disease and disorders.

This protection is much stronger than any physician, hospital, medicine,
or any other health strategy known to man.
If you read the medical references given and choose wisely,
my purpose in writing this article will be fulfilled.

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