USANA Nutritionals

So why do we even need Nutritional Supplements?
You’ve probably heard this all before, but did you know that most people don’t eat
the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables on a regular basis?

This means that most of us aren’t getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals
from our diet alone. The truth is, our busy lifestyles encourage us to choose meals
that are ‘quick and easy’ over those that are high in nutritional value.
Also, what most people don’t know is that our body is constant bombarded by
“free radicals”, from stress, pollution etc., causing oxidation in our body.
Like an apple turns brown from oxidation, so also our body, damaging our body cells.
This results in degenerative diseases.
To counteract this effect, we need lots of antioxidants, which we find mainly in our
fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, because of modern farming techniques, and
soil depletion, this is not enough.
So we have to supplement our diet with high quality nutritional supplements,
which we can get from USANA Health Sciences.
They are bio-available. That means: our body cells absorb the nutrients for 100%.
They are potency guarantied and manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards.
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