Mind and Body Balance

What is Yoga?
Yoga is thought to date back to at least 3000BC originating from India.
To the untrained eye, Yoga seems to comprise a series of strange
Physical postures which people hold for what at times seems an eternity.
However, Yoga is said to be much more than that.

It is one of the oldest systems of personal development in the world,
encompassing body, mind and spirit. The word Yoga comes from the Sankrit
word meaning ‘union’, and it symbolises the harmonisation of body with
the mind. It is often referred to as a therapy that incorporates
therapeutic breathing, physical movements, massage, meditation and

Mel Genovese from the Energy Therapy Center says that “Yoga utilises
stretching postures, breathing and meditation techniques to calm
the emotional state and tone the body.’

During a Yoga class, postures (or asanas) are held and performed slowly
and meditatively. This is combined with deep abdominal breathing
(or pranayama) to further promote relaxation and healing.

Proper breathing in Yoga is considered essential as it brings more
oxygen to the blood and brain and also facilitates vital energy,
leading to greater control of the mind.

Physically, the asanas, which work systematically on all parts of the
body, stretch and tone the muscles and ligaments, keeping the spine
and joints flexible and improving circulation.
This helps to balance your mind and body.