How to Choose the Right Vitamins

In every health food store and supermarket you can find a range of vitamins,minerals and other supplements these days and all are claiming to be the best.
How can you distinguish which ones are true-to-label, potent, bio-available, made of the best forms of the nutrients and right for you?

The average consumer determine by price what the best value is, without understanding the subtle, yet profound differences between nutritional products.
The majority of multi-vitamins are woefully inadequate.

Effective potency is only the first problem.Different nutrients vary widely in price.
Iron sulfate for example,costs only pennies, whereas pure biotin costs around $6000 per pound, wholesale. You can understand how this influences formulations.

Different forms of the same nutrient can also vary in a 20-fold price range.
For example, a pill reading: “Vitamin E as mixed tocopherol complex, 400 IU”, can contain anything from a cheap blend of 50% tocopherols and 50% vegetable oil, to a very expensive blend of 95% tocopherols and 5% vegetable oil.The only guide you have as a consumer is the retail price.

But price is not unfallible. The only way you can know the truth about many forms of nutrients is to ask independent experts, government and university scientists.
Author, educator and consultant, Lyle Mac William, a former Canadian Member of Parliament,serving as the behest of Canada’s federal Minister of Health,developed the “Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements.
He undertook a review of over 250 U.S. and Canadian nutritional supplements for their nutrient content. The evidence indicated that the USANA Essentials formulation clearlysurpassed the other evaluated products.

As the demand for copies of the work and requests to investigate additional nutritional supplements grew, it was clear that there was an earnest need for a comprehensive and objective comparison of nutritional products; hence, the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements was born, followed by the Comparative Guide to Children’s Nutritionals.

In developing his comparative guide, Lyle Mac William felt it imperative to provide an independent standard to which all products – including the USANA Essentials – could be compared objectively and quantitatively. In this edition he has used the recommendations of four recognized and published authorities on nutritional supplementation.

The individual daily-intake recommendations of DRs. Michael Colgan, Michael Murray,Richard Passwater and Ray Strand have been combined to create an independent comparative model.
It provides a comprehensive and scientifically rigorous evaluation of name-brand nutritional products, packet with the latest findings from the cutting edge of nutritional science. For those, interested in optimizing their health by selecting only the best,this guide is a must.

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