Nutritional Supplements for Athletes

It is a simple fact that a majority of athletes use nutritional supplements
to optimize performance.
Yet today, this use is tempered by substandard product:
supplements that contain banned ingredients not disclosed on the label.
The strict liability standards of organizational bodies leave the athlete
personally responsible for substances contained in their bodies,
however introduced; whatever the source.
As the International Olympic Committee’s Medical Committee sadly discovered
in testing over 400 different supplements, the contents and dosage levels
reported on the labels of many supplements can not be relied upon.

Athletes, coaches and trainers are faced with difficult choices.
Inadvertent introduction of banned substances destroys careers.
Unreliable product undermines carefully balanced dietary regimens.
As supplements are not subject to the rigorous tests required of
pharmaceutical drugs, the supplement manufacturer’s reputation
is key to the sports community.
One company has an unblemished record: USANA Health Sciences.
Pharmaceutical grade and quality assured, USANA products are
the Gold Standard for the sports community.