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America’s doctors are trained to treat disease with drugs.
But they are not trained in the most powerful tool for your health.


“I know from personal experience, Dr. Strand offers a priceless gift to improve quality and quantity of life.
Laser accurate, and scientifically documented, it will help you win the war against degenerative disease and premature aging.”
Denis Waitley, Ph.D., Author of The Psychology of Winning.

What Your Doctor Doesn’t know about Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You
will teach you:
* Why the government’s recommended daily allowances (RDA) of key nutrients aren’t equipping your body’s natural defenses to protect you from disease –
and what amounts you do need.
* How the breakdown of oxygen inside your body is wreaking havoc – and what you can do to repair the damage.
* How you can fight back against allergies and constant sinus infections.
* Why the drugs your doctor can prescribe are not your best defense against chronic degenerative diseases.

What’s the secret to getting kits to eat veggies?
Let them play first!


When recess takes place before lunch — as opposed to after —
kids eat 54 percent more fruits and veggies, a new study shows.
read it all…

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