Cellular Nutrition

Cellular nutrition has become more important in our modern society than ever before.
Our bodies have to face daily an over-production of free radicals, caused by our
polluted environment, stressful lifestyles and malnutrition.

However,we can reduce the production of free radicals by avoiding smoking,
toxic chemicals and decreasing our stress levels.
But the majority of our bodies are still unable to fight the overwhelming daily attack
on our natural defence system.

Balance is the key.If there are not enough antioxidants available to neutralize
the free radicals, oxidative stress develops.

Over the past 50 years, nutritional medicine has been concentrating on supplying
a nutritional deficiency. Many hours and dollars have been spent trying to determine
exactly which nutrients our bodies are depleted of.
Blood and urine tests,hair samples, muscle testing and more have been conducted
in an attempt to determine which nutrients we need to supplement.

However, we have been aiming at the wrong target.
The problem is not a nutritional deficiency, but rather underlying oxidative stress.
Oxidative stress has shown to be the root cause of over 70 degenerative
diseases, like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease,
dementia, lupus,MS… and the list goes on!

Because the problem is oxidative stress, rather than specific nutritional deficiencies,
the best approach to prevent or to control oxidative stress is to strengthen
our natural defence system through cellular nutrition.

Cellular nutrition means: supplying the cells with all nutrients at optimal levels,
without having to worry about determining which nutrients the cell is deficient in.

By providing all the important nutrients at optimal levels,which has
been shown to provide a health benefit in the medical literature, we correct
automatically any nutritional deficiencies over the next few months.

Cellular nutrition is providing the body with all the antioxidants,
along with the supporting B vitamins & minerals at optimal levels.
This is “preventive medicine” at it’s best, because we can attack the
disease process at the core by preventing oxidative stress.