Exercise is the Key to Prevention

Oxidation is the primary cause of aging & degeneration.It is the most penetrating
process of decay on Earth.

Steel rusts,paint flakes,a cut apple get brown and meat rots. These are all examples
of oxidation. Oxidation is caused by free radicals, unstable oxygen atoms, that causes
the damage. Most damage to our bodies is also caused by oxidation, which is free
radical attack. Ultra-violet light ages and decays our eyes & skin and air pollutants
damage our lungs by oxidation.

Many man-made drugs and chemicals tear your cells apart by oxidation.
The main mechanism underlying cardiovascular disease and many cancers is

But don’t despair, you can beat oxidation. The new nutrition science can afford
you lifelong protection.

The second cause of aging & degeneration is gravity. To combat gravity,you have
to protect your skeleton and the muscles that hold it up.
The human body is designed to be constantly active.Rest rusts.

Under the usual medical treatment, a broken leg put in a cast, loses most of its muscle.
A third of its bone mass and stiffens almost to immobility.
Confined to bed, the conventional solution to many illness, is an example of the worst
kind of treatment.In six months bed rest, you accelerate bone aging by a decade,
losing 25-40% of your bone mass, much of it irreversible.

The majority of skeletons and muscular systems of Mr. & Mrs. America degenerate
prematurely, because of our sedentary lifestyle. Many of the degenerative changes,
usually attributed to unavoidable aging, are caused by lack of exercise.

Inactivity causes a chain reaction of cardiovascular decay. Firstly, it reduces vital
capacity, that means the ability to take up and use oxygen and muscles, organs
and brain become partially oxygen deprived.

Secondly, inactivity reduces your ability of your heart to pump blood around
the body. Your tissues get less oxygen and the essential nutrients from your blood.

As your body tries to make up these deficits, it causes your blood pressure to rise
and contracts your arteries, increasing the risk of clots and stroke from a weakened
heart. As a result, sedentary people often suffer dizziness, because the impaired
system can’t instantly increase blood flow to the brain and they are more likely
to have falls and accidents.Surveys show that more sedentary people are killed
in traffic accidents.

Inactivity also increases your cholesterol – and triglycerides levels.
Inactive muscles shrink, compromising your ability to burn fat, to run upstairs
and even to hold up your skeleton. Bones also thin and weaken.
In order to grow new bone matrix, your skeleton requires continuous resistance

The combination of inactivity and pour bone nutrition is the major cause of the
epidemic of osteoporosis, which is another man-made and totally
preventable disease.

Inactivity also disrupts bowel function and disorders glucose metabolism,
no matter what kind of food you eat.

Sex hormone levels also decline with inactivity. Male impotence has doubled
in America since the 1940’s.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper and his staff at the Aerobics Center in Dallas followed
13,344 men & women for fifteen years. This particular painstaking research,
taking into account factors like age, family history, personal  health history,
smoking, blood pressure, cardiovascular condition and insulin metabolism.

After fifteen years of closely monitoring these people, reduced risk of death
was closely correlated with physical fitness.
This included deaths from cardiovascular diseases, a variety of cancers
and even accidents.

Without any doubt, exercise can save your life, while couch potatoism
creates a nasty, sick and short existence.
If there are still people who find it hart to believe that exercise directly
prevents disease, the following strong points of evidence will convince
those who are doubting.

Research proofs that exercise protects your body by maintaining vital
capacity and as a result supplying adequate oxygen to the tissues.
The average sedentary American male aged 45 has lost half his ability
to take up and use oxygen. He can restore it to the level of a 25 year old
with the right exercise.

Dr. Bortz correctly stated that the health benefits of restoring vital capacity
are superior to any drugs or medical treatment.
As a result of exercise, your resting heart beat can slow down to in the 40’s.
This underlines the statement of Indian yogis that your life span is
determined by your total number of heart beats.
The risk of coronary heart disease more than doubles if the heart rate
gets above 84.

People with a blood pressure 120/80 are taken as normal, which in fact
is not normal,only usual.These people are already half way to disease.

The risk of cardiovascular disease starts to rise as systolic blood pressure
goes above 103 mmHg. By 135 mmHg, a  level that is regarded by many
physicians as marginal but still acceptable, the risk has doubled.
Beyond 135 mmHg you are a walking time bomb.

This is also true for diastolic blood pressure.Recent research shows that
levels of 80-89mmHg, usually found in average people, indicate a
pre-disease state. Diastolic pressures of 80-89mmHg show an incidence
of 40 cases per 1000, a 300% increase in risk of disease.

It’s easy to reduce blood pressure, with the right exercise, below the
120/80 mmHg. Many research show that exercise works for older people
as well. A group of people aged between 50 & 78, with sedentary
hypertension and elevated blood pressure, dropped their systolic blood
pressure by a whopping 20 mmHg after taking part in an exercise program.
Regular exercise will lower blood pressure in almost anyone.