How Our Body Wears Out

1.Oxidation in human degeneration

To understand the concept of human degeneration you have to know something about oxidation.
When we look how rust eats steel away, the flaking of paint, apples turning brown and the rotting of meat, we see examples of oxidation. It is the most penetrating process of decay on earth.

Oxidation is caused by free radicals, which are unstable atoms or molecules of oxygen,
damaging everything they touch. In physics,a stable atom always has its electrons in pairs,
to balance its nuclear forces. The free radical however, has an unpaired electron in an outer orbit around its nuclues. This unstable configuration creates a powerful electromagnetic attraction that sucks an electron out of the nearest molecule of any material it touches.

While losing an electron, that molecule know becomes a new free radical, which sucks an electron from the next whole molecule.This free radical chain reaction process continues many thousands of times.

  1. Denman Harman at the University of Nebraska proposed in 1957 that living flesh is also vulnerable to free radical attack. And so it has proved. We hnow now that most bodily damage involves oxidation.Ultra-violet light ages and decays your eyes and skin by oxidation.

Air pollutants damage your lungs by oxidation. Many man-made drugs and chemicals tear our cells apart by oxidation.I have written in a previous article that their main mechanism underlying cardovascular disease and many cancers is – oxidation.
But you don’t have to despair, you can beat oxidation by following the new nutrition science.

2.The Force of Gravity
Gravity is the second big cause of human aging and degeneration. It tries to pull you out through the soles of your feet. The results are double chins, for example.
To combat gravity, you have to protect your skeleton and the muscles that hold it up.

We as humans are designed to be almost continually active. Immobilize a joint for evena few hours and it starts to stiffen to decay. Disuse is deadly.

Under the usual medical treatment, a broken leg put in a cast loses most of its muscle,a third of its bone mass and stiffens almost to immobility. Fortunately, the new medicine
that is in concert with nature, is now realizing how conventional medical technology causes more damage than it cures.

Confinement to bed, the conventional answer to many ills, is an example of the worst kind of treatment. In six months bed-rest you accelerate bone aging by a decade, losing 25-40% of your bone mass, much of it is irreversible.

The majority of skeletons and muscular systems of Mr. and Mrs. Australia degenerate prematurely, simple from our sedentary lifestyle.We get less and less active as we age and lose the bulk of our muscle and bone.

Dr. Walter Bortz of the department of Medicine of the Palo Alto Medical Clinic in California,

reviewed over 100 studies showing that many of the degenerative changes usually attributed to inevitable aging, are in fact CAUSED BY LACK OF EXERCISE.

Most people over 60 have insufficient muscle left to hold up their skeletons and insufficient bone mass to protect them against fractures. Osteoperosis (weak bone disease) is now epidemic.
More than 25 million Americans suffer from this disease and it is growing silently in millions more.By our lack of understanding nature we are doing it all to ourselves.

By age 65, one in every three women suffers vertibral fractures. By age 80,one in three women and one in six men suffers a hip fracture. They rarely recover mobility and a quarter die within six months.Yet prevention is simple, costs nothing and is available
to everyone.

You can’t avoid gravity, but you certainly can combat it easily, even more easily than you can combat oxidation. This is the logical clue: you sit like a slug, you grow like a slug.

All you need to do is detailed in my next article.